Explanation 1: The Dream JournalEditEdit

One of the more commonly accepted explanations is that this game is based on a dream journal authored by a young Japanese girl. The dream journal was titled "Beautiful dream journey" .


Both the journal and the game document vivid, odd dreams over what seems to be one year.

  • Both the journal and the game take place in similar settings such as a "creepy, empty town" and a "circus with many connected tents".
  • Some of the white text on the black screen is said to reference "Not having a dream that night", or dreams being "To horrifying to re-count.". Frequent entries in the journal say exactly that.
  • The chart appears to keep track of the emotions and movement of the dreams. Dream journals may be kept for the same purpose.
  • The dreams are vivid and strange, much like real dreams might be.
  • Most of the areas appear to be based around what Japan looks like, which is where the girl who wrote the journal lived.
  • This is what the game designers themselves claim

Explanation 2: Alien Sleep StudyEditEdit

Another common explanation is your character being abducted by aliens and put into a hibernative state for an entire year. During this time, his/her dreams are evesdropped on and recorded. The Grey Man, is also believed to be one of these aliens entering your dreams to observe you expressions, demeanor, body language. When you see him he immediatly leaves your dream, this period of time leaves a blank, so it is also believed that you are simply "recalling" seeing him. Or having a flashback.

So the Grey Man is explained in this theory to simply be an entity invading the thoughts of the person experiencing the dreams.

Although this explanation is rather far fetched, it does have some evidence to back up the claims.


  • There is alot of renferences to aliens in the game I.E. The alien faces in the start menu.
  • In the cutscenes in-game:
  • There is a cutscene of a large quanity of UFO's flying around cities.
  • There is reference to "Aliens" in the Russian text seen in the paper.
  • The scene of flying over a city, could be a reference to the view from the UFO.
  • The dream in which your in a long hallway that leads to a room that falls apart to reveal an open sky, could be you remembering a hallway in the ship that leads to an exit.